Michale Graves

Train To the End of the World

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I took a train to the end of the world
Just to be with my girl
I left her out there, what a shameful affair
I don't need to feel so alone

Where, oh where can I feel something new?
Something other than scared?
For all those around me
Just reach inside of me
And take away bits of my soul

I took a train to the end of the world
And all my best friends were on it
We felt very small in this great big world
Nobody needs to feel they're alone

I sat next to the love of my life
And stared into her big blue eyes
I felt just like dying
Because I could tell she'd been crying
I never loved anyone but her

I held her hand and told her I loved her
I told her she was "my girl"
And that I would do anything
So I wouldn't lose her
On a train to the end of the world

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