Traitor Of Sadness And Grief

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I'm the one who dare to enter the land of grimness
Loss is gone, foreign sounds of nothingness to me
Wondrous, enchanted
The king in my marbled palace
I challenge the god of this world
Yet dismal silence
Hateful natured
Becoming the lord once more conquering sadness and grief
To find myself in awaiking beginnings
Damned i'm seemed to be wandering above the twisted trees
In dungeon ensnared...
I call the mighty creator devouring my soul
I call the mighty creator devouring my soul...
Infernal wind blows pure to my face
Ruler of evil redemption we call upon this magical lust
But being a servant no more...
...the clouds are different that used to be
This taste is divine but meaningless now
Hunted through the night towards the hell...
Cascades of silver stars lurk for my pain lurk for my life
Forgetful age tearful aeon
Bleeding for my tragedy my forsaken dreams...
Whispering voices cast on the spell
Trapped in the coffin of sickness and worthless existence
Cursed i will live within
In the garden of darkness delights
Desecrated sorrowfilled heart...
No longer i'm in faith and destiny
Deep in the sin i care my unholiness till my blood throws
It's shade at the wall of naked death...

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