Richie Kotzen


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I tried hard not to notice when she walked through the room
the vibe was heavy my heart stopped
but somehow I knew I knew better.....
we broke the ice with a cigarete
light I tried to get to the truth
but the talk was so sweet that I found myself buyin' her blues
well I know that by now I should
see the sings but its hard when you feel like time is
wearin' you down...

maybe one day he'll shine a light
no more life as a tramp
every lines is a catch twenty-two
somebody give me a chance

I broke down when she questioned
"are you lookin' for someone"
told her the answer was too far
lost in my head I can't see it
she told me love was easy if
I could just take a chance
but when I looked in her eyes they
told me the girl was a tramp

we went back to the hotel to try
and make it a night
now I could swear to myself that
this time I was losin' the fight
I gave in
we stayed up thru the morning
it didn't work how I planned but now
I made my conclusion the truth is
I'm still a tramp

Autor(es): Richie Kotzen