Trample The Cross

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Question the lord with a heart full of hate
Speaking in tongues and fulfilling his faith
Walking through fire alone and displaced
All who defile the lord and his name

Blasphemy unto thee, conquer all things
Battered and beaten the cross of mystique
Papal in ruin and brought to its knees
See through religion and you will find peace

Damning the souls of his praise, rapture begotten ill gain
Crossing the light from divine, death to your god and his kind
Bury the book in its grave, holy of holy's in flames
Worn and despised and diseased, trample the cross in defeat

Darkness and evil and unholy dreams
Go without mention and cannot be seen
Do not assume what you don't want to know
Christ and religion is only for show

Fear has deflowered the lies of his faith
Watching it die puts a smile on my face
Holy ground crumble from under their feet
Once and forever and ever shall be

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