Sawyer Brown

Transistor Rodeo

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Now she's waiting in the swing under the front porch light
The girls from work are going out tonight
All week long they've been making plans
Gonna look for love and find a man oh man

At the transistor rodeo they've got
Cowboys and cowgirls just for show
They ride em hard and they hold on tight
And they dance and they dance
And they dance real slow
At the transistor rodeo

Expectation was a none too great
They dance every dance and now it's getting late
They'll be back next week and try again
They want to dance the dance that never ends


And there's always a chance you can find it tonight
If you go where the lonely go
And you search every heart and you look in the eyes
And you know they come and they go
And they dance

[Chorus x2]

Autor(es): Mark Miller

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