The Hourglass


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Here we were Born, Never Knowing Why
The Seeds were Sown, On this Shameful Ground

The Walls can't Speak to tell us the Answer
Of Thousands Questions Buried in this Soil
A Flame of Hope Flicker as a Dancer
Burning all the Sand the Hourglass Pour

The Sin that we did the Sin that we Thought
It Could be the Savior of all our Souls
Suddenly the Savior Became our Nightmare
The Clock is Ticking Forever Evermore

A Future is Gone Torn are our Souls
A Heritage is Lost our Lives are Deceived

An Old Man Appeared in the Middle of Nowhere
Sowing all the Seeds of Hate and Anger
Unknown to Light and Unknown to Darkness
As Sirens were Singing to Bring us all the Sadness

Bring me a Knife Bring a Sword
Cus I'll Kill Anyone who'll Walk on this Floor
In Nothing we Bealive in Nothing we Trust
The Night is Coming Forever Evermore

Is this the Heaven that you've Promised?
You Deceived us all ... I Must Confess
All I know now that I Deny you Forever
Now it is Time to Welcome the End ... Your End

?Trappedin Darkness
No Sense of Time
We're not Living nor Dying
I Wonder when this Horrid Dream will End??

The Moment will Come when we'll Open our Eyes
To the Land of Free, Where we all Shall Rise

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