Peter Hammill


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He could have been so great, he could have had it all,
he had it on a plate, but he threw it at the wall.
And he can't know why, but he still said 'yes'
to the easy lie and the poisoned vest...
the trappings of success.
They offered him a deal (Here's the contract
just like an autograph sign on the line
no need to think or feel advances are abstract
or do anything but laugh The future, defined.)
He's in possession, yes he's possessed...
they had no fear, he was so impressed
by the trappings of success.

You'll see him down the clubs or at the premiere
(it's just another movie, it's just another act)
stumming in a pub, everywhere that's anywhere...
(he's a man of the people, just as long as the people
don't talk back)

on the Rio shore or the Rome express
with a Chinese whore or a Greek princess...
these are the trappings of success.

But he's got no home and he's got no friends
and the human mass repel him.
Now he's on his own and can't comprehend
did he sell out or was he celled in?

(He's a prisoner in a gilded cage.
He's a prisoner...he's all the rage.)

He's waiting for his plane and his first-class seat;
they've blown out his brains with sticky kiddies' sweets;
the limo, the coke, the celebrity guest-list,
the today jokes and the gutter press...
the trappings of success,
these are the trappings of success.

The trappings of success,
the trap of fame;
(in) the trap...big game.

Autor(es): Peter Hammill

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