Treat Each Other Right

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One of these nights, I wouldn't be surprised
If even the old moon had to close her pretty eye -

We got so evil, I feel troubled tonight.
This old world brought us all here,
So why can't we treat each other right.

I was watching the TV in a motel and I had to turn away.
Somebody killed a bunch of children, said it was about their godly way.

My friend had a dream, it about made me cry.
He said he saw two stone Buddhas rising where those towers had filled the sky.

Peace on earth, when will it ever be in sight?
This old world is everybody's beautiful home
So why can't we treat each other right.

If everyone is praying to whatever gods there may be,
I'd say we all better pray to each other for forgiveness before we lose our sanity.

We got so evil...

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