Age Of Nemesis

Tree Of Life

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Final minute of her sweet life
Final moment that lives on forever
Her selfishness went n' conquered her meek fright
And she threw herself down into the doldrums

She's just flesh and her blood's just mud
Damnation's now just a glimmer on her face
Her soul's a leaf from the tree of life
Is that a smile lurking somewhere beyond her face?

She's a leaf from up in the tree
Hey, that's just life, it'll never cease
Down below withered leaves rove
But up the branches new buds grow

That's our plight in the tree of life
We all plummet when we all die
Deadly winds rage in the bleak sky
Coldly hunting just you and I

Blood sucking, soaked-right-through diary next to her
She left her tale with the living here forever
I just can't resist, oh the temptation to understand
I read it through so it'll live with me in wonderland

Autor(es): Zoltan Fabian