Two Places At One Time

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Why do I go?
We already know
Still we go through this every time
Although we know the answer
It's still so hard to do

A blessing and a curse
The best and the worst
Our future changes every day
So lonesome and so lucky
So sad and yet so true

So now I'll go
I have to go
Though once again I feel my heart divide
Yeah, if I could be
I would be
Two places at one time

A song before you sleep
A song for you to keep
'Cause when you wake I will be gone
A melody for company
For when I'm gone too long


So while I'm away
You can count the days
And I'll look forward to what I left behind
The time will fly and so will I
And I'll breathe you in again


Autor(es): Kipp Lennon / Mark Lennon / Michael Lennon

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