Tyrannosaurus Nix

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You've heard about some dinosaurs who devour girls and boys
They'll eat the meat from head to feet and savor it with joy
But I'm an honest dinosaur, prehistoric through and through,
And I'm here to swear to anyone, that this is just not true.

We're blamed for things so ghastly (things that we do not do).
You simply must believe us when we say we won't eat you!
We live on nuts and berries, we haven't touched a hair
On any kid who's come our way; there's no need to beware.

Our image is respectable, we're often seen in prayer.
We've trimmed our toenails, filed our teeth and even grown some hair.
I hope that you will realize we're quite a harmless bunch,
And maybe you can join us and come over soon--for lunch

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