Tribute (A Song For Haiti)

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Today my heart was torn
Violence finally won the war
The crying and despair
Suffocating in the air

I cannot believe
The images I've seen
What else can I do?
But just pray for you

'Cause we'll never really know
What you went through that day
And we'll never really know
All the right words to say
And we'll never really know
Why this took your life away
But it broke down my walls
And it helped me to change
Yes it broke down our walls
I hope we will change

Entire generations
Lost in this frustration
Is there hope for what's to come?
Will we raise a family or a gun?

It's breaking my heart
I'm falling apart
But I rest assured
I know where you are
You look from above
Please send us your love
'Cause we don't understand.

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