Tribute To A Friend

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A tribute song from Jimmy Reed to
Sonny Boy Williamson
All lyrics spoken:
Now listen, I wanna tell ya sump'em.
I'm gonna play this one for a old friend of mine.
A old friend called, Sonny Boy William.
He's done passed on the other side, now, but
wherever he's at, I know he is swingin'.
And I know he enjoyin' hisself,
and Sonny Boy, this is for you from, Jimmy Reed!
I know that they been scratchin' their back an'
clippin' their toenails an' gettin' buck bare-feeted
and all that ole kinda jive. But ladies and gentleman,
I wouldn't have you to do none of that for me.
I just want you to sit back and relax and cool it an'
take it easy, an'listen at me play these blues.
Well now, I guess I'll play this for a old friend a mine,
oh man, Sonny Boy William. He is passed on now,
but wherever he at, I know he enjoyin' hisself, an'this,
I'm playin' for, my friend which for have passed on,
Mr. Sonny Boy William. And Mr. Sonny Boy, this is for YOU.

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