Acid Witch

Trick or Treat

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Mine is the house, we're all warned about when trick or treating as a child
Inside my head, perverted thoughts are hid, but the neighbors say my manners mild
Ive been rumored to creep, when all others sleep, you've seen me in my white van
Thick-rimmed glasses and a well-groomed mustache hide the face of a hideous man

Die cut witches, ghouls and skulls
A graveyard on my lawn
My house is dressed up for Halloween
The most elaborate on my street...

Trick or Treat

Most kids with sense, their muscles tense, and dash past my house Halloween night
But those with greed in there hearts, whose breath reek of sweet tarts
Drag heaving bags, in devilish rags, to the door of the spider that waits
And behind my thick glasses, I dream of their asses, butchered and ready to eat

A tape of horror sounds of fright
To lure them to my lair
Masked effigies and eerie lights
and a large bowl filled with sweets...

Trick or Treat

You've all heard this tale, in every village and vale, every neighborhood has someone like me
Some say its folklore, to keep kids from straying too far, but I'm a wolf in sheep's clothing
For I am that man, in the white cargo van, and I'm prowling and ready to strike
I feign normalcy, so they wont think of me, when a kid goes missing Halloween night

Autor(es): Acid Witch / Shagrat