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My thumbs are in your eyes and they keep fucking pushing.

How could you do this to me, after all we aspired to be? i burnt alive and the flames were the warmth you showed me. the flames rise as our friendship dies. no longer will i be the one who cries.

So tonight, i set your bed aflame, i live to watch you burn. so tonight, i set your bed aflame, only in death will you learn. face your punishment because there is no forgiveness. i will watch your tortured existence.

I live to watch you burn. your misery will take a blade to your skin, i'll be there to guide you through mutilation, decapitation.

From the ground i can touch the sky. despite this fight i will never die.

I hope you get fucked dead!

This is hell, you severed body's left to dwell. not a trick, just a whore choking on a dick. your desires led to me building fires in your home, you shouldn't sleep alone.

I fucking triumph!
Suck on that!