Triumphal Entry

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Me tell the whole of them that in the presence of the Lord is fullness of Joy
Yeah man who do that?
Mr. Lynx, Sherwin Gardner
Wha me say?

Chorus: Let loose!
This a the Triumphal Entry
You see the man them in a envy
Because them never understanding just how the Son of Man Him fulfilling prophecy

From the seed of a Virgin just as Isaiah said
The Root Isaac, Jacob, Jesse and the House of David
From the Tribe of Judah
Born in Bethlehem
I do not understand how them never see the Man
That His ministry it would begin in Galilee
And what about His Jerusalem entry on a donkey
Yet them ignore the prophecies when them could have put two and two together with ease


Let loose!
Free up yourself if you want your breakthrough
Don't let nobody come and hold you
Open up your heart and let the Lord do what He wanna do

And when Him turn over the tables and Him let loose the dove
"Because zeal for Your house it had eaten Him up"
Yet, them never see it was a sign from above
Wake up, God's people wake up!
Yes, I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt
If you'd open your eyes then you'd figure it out
What ignorance of such great evidence
You wouldn't be clueless If you'd just use your sense!


Na na na... open your eyes and see
This is prophecy being fulfilled surrounding you and me
Open your eyes and see it's getting crazy but God will deliver and that's not no maybe
Ever Faithful, Ever Living, Ever Knowing God
So don't you try and cover up or hide from God
He sees it all, He knows it all above all
He's the One to catch you me say every time you fall
So (its) time to keep it up--don't stop
Don't be deceived by Babylon Mix-up and follow the trickster
Remember Jesus is the Author and the Finisher
Yagga yow hey!
The heart cleanser, the life changer and rearranger and He's not no stranger
So as the trumpet sounds
Don't sit down
If you're lost than you will be found yeah
Well if you check the Oracles
He speaks in parables and perform miracles
It is incredible
The crucifixion and resurrection
It's in the Book man
Just take a look man
I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt
Move those scales from your eyes
God will point it out
In Isaiah chapter 53 it shows why the Suffering Servant He was born to die so let loose!


The people are wondering "How could it be?"
"Is this the fulfillment of prophecy?"
He raised the dead
He walked 'pon the sea
All kinds of miracles oh yes oh me oh
You can see it
He is fulfilling it
Ahh the prophesies there is no denying it
That's why I'm doing it
And why me trying it
Most High I know You're higher highing it!