Clifford T. Ward


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This is a story about a pair or trousers
It deals with a lack of a sense of humour
Or rather a lack of imagination . .

I would like to know, where you put my trousers
I really must go, please give me my trousers
Well it's stopped raining, they must have dried by now
So let's stop gaming, you'll get me in an awful row.

This joke's gone too far, I feel absolutely daft
Over-parked my car, and what's more I feel the draught
What to you hope to gain, by my being trouserless?
Oh I could curse the rain, for getting me in such a mess.

Someone's going to come, why don't you be reasonable?
Now you've had your fun, won't you please be sensible?
How long can this go on? I've looked most everywhere
To put my trousers on, and now I really just don't care.

Would you like my shirt? here's a goodly pair of shoes
Take my coat and tie, what about my underpants?
Trousers, trousers
Trousers, trousers
Trousers, trousers
Trou - - - sers
Trousers, trous sus, sus

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