Bill Anderson

Trust Me

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Mhm I don't think I've ever felt anything as good
As your fingers on my back or seen anything as pretty
As that long beautiful hair dripping down around your shoulders
And yet all this time you're lovin' me you're lyin' here
Wonderin' how I'm gonna feel about you when it's over
Oh I know some men will tell you anything in the dark
And then when the sun comes up they can't even tell you your name
But I'm not like that trust me

You have no way of knowin' how I'll feel tomorrow mornin' but I do
You're special and you're tender
Believe me it won't end here I love you
So relax I'm not goin' anywhere except crazy
With the desire for you and I'll still want you
And I'll still love you tomorrow mornin' trust me

Mhm I saw a good lookin' lady today walkin' down the street
Wearin' a beautiful dress
And all that I could think about was you sure would look better
In that dress than she does
Baby in my eyes there's nothing in this world
That looks as good as you
Now does that sound like the voice of a man
Who's gonna get up from here and walk out of your life no way
I'm not gonna leave you tomorrow mornin'
Or no one of a thousand tomorrow mornings to come trust me

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