88 Fingers Louie

Try It Again

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I've had enough
This is getting nowhere
You said you're leaving 'cause you said I'm not fair
I'm not happy but you hardly know this
Did you think that I would never know this?
It's all in your kiss
Your love I do miss

I never trusted all the friends you've been making
The time it's been taking
The rules you've been breaking
Ignored me when I asked if you have been faithful
You called me ungrateful
They made you so hateful

There's someone else on your mind
I've taken up too much of your time
What can I do?
I wanna try it again

Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse
You went and told me we were breaking up first
It made you happy when I said I missed you
Turned me around and then you said that we're through
Oh what could I do?
You said that we're through

Believe me when I say I'd like to start over
How can we start over if you're trying to cover?
Don't want you keeping more secrets beneath you
If I just can't trust you
Then I just don't want to


I'm getting pissed, it doesn't seem to faze you
Now that it's over I don't seem to amaze you
You think you killed me but I think I'll pull through
It's gonna take some time


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