Paul Colman Trio


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How can you expect people in their right minds
To not see between the cracks
And notice that there's something missing?
Wouldn't you agree now is the right time
To be all that we can be?

Come and dream with me that we were all together
In perfect unity
But we are torn apart by things that do not matter
And time is running out for us to see

We gotta turn this life around
Turn this life around
Turn this life around

Take a look around can you tell me
Why does it take a tragedy to bring us all together?
Who can change a heart change a motivation
Take it right back to the start?

Come and dream with me
That we were all together
In perfect unity following the maker


Although "Turn" delivers a general message for the world, it isalso directed towards the church. We are meant to be leaders inrelationships, politics and art, yet we are often on the fringerather than the cutting edge. This song challenges us to considerwhat we need to turn away from and what we should be turning to.We've got to turn this life around! Essentially that means alwaysturning back to Jesus.

Autor(es): Grant Norsworthy / Paul Colman / Phil Gaudion

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