Turn Around And Count 2 Ten

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So turn around and count 2 ten,
Before you lose the only one who really loves you
Somebody who likes you just as you are,
Not how you might have been, Oh! baby
When you turn around again,
I might be with someone else who really loves me,
And now I'll say what I don't want to say,
I'll have you back again, I want you back!

We've both been acting strangely,
And you can hardly face me,
And I can see no fire in your eyes,
We both know the answer,
But one of us won't say it,
Love's the only game in town,
You sure know how to play it,

The future of our love is on the line,
The both of us could lose more than we find,


And if we think about it,
And come to the conclusion,
That I want you, and you want me
We've come to the solution,
And I cannot deny it,
You were my perfect lover,
If paradise is half as nice,
I'll never find another.

And now it's time, for making up your mind,
The future is ahead don't look behind,


I want your love in my hands,
Where I can feel it,
Love in my heart, where I can keep it warm,
Turn up your radio now,
I'm calling out your name,

The love we've got cannot be left behind,
It's time for you to tell me that you're mine,

So turn around and count 2 ten...

I want you back, in my life where
I can hold you,
Back in my dreams, where I can
Keep you warm,
Here on ym lips where I can
Taste your candy kiss.

So turn around...

Autor(es): Mike Percy / Peter Burns / Steve Coy / Tim Lever

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