Lucy Kaplansky

Turn the Lights Back On

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Enough with the mood lighting, I'm not in the mood
Apparently I don't have the right attitude
Do you think this is a sense, maybe that's what we need
Then we could channel some of the dead air between you and me

Dry your new age tears, let's stick to the facts
Don't need your phony pearls of wisdom, you can have them back
Don't want your earnest sympathy, keep it to yourself
If I'm gonna be alone I'd rather be my myself

Turn the lights back on
Turn the lights back on
That trusting girl you knew is dead and gone
She's dead and gone

You've read The Road Less Traveled
You think you know everything
A little knowledge can be such a dangerous thing
If you'd look in the mirror I could tell you what you'd see
It'd be a real education, tuition's free

How could you just sit there all those years
And watch me throw away
Everything I wanted and worked for
And the dreams I couldn't even say
Didn't it ever occur to you to once ask me why
I guess it didn't, and I think that's maybe worse than a lie


I was deaf, dumb and blind when I came to you
I trusted you, you said I was supposed to
But you couldn't understand me, you couldn't even see
Your hand before your face, much less me
So you told me all this stuff about you, pretended it was about me
And I'd have been better off with nothing


Autor(es): Lucy Kaplansky / Richard Litvin

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