Turn You On

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I've been waking in a state of fire
From a dream about you
And nothing's gonna cool me down
Till my dream comes true
Does it shoo the butterflies inside
When you meet me at the door
When I say hello and I kiss your mouth
Does it taste a lot like ... more?
I want to turn you on when you imagine me in lingerie
I want to make you hunger for the someday I will beg to stay
... Just to turn you on
Are you ready I can taste it all
But it's got to be right
And the candles and the sweet perfume
Are gonna touch you tonight
I want to turn you on I want to dance to some exotic song
I want to make you wonder if you still know right from wrong
I want to turn you on
(instrumental break)
Tell me this is more than just a masturbation fantasy
You're a hot erotic man
And I'm the master, you're the slave I need
Does that turn you on?
I want to turn you on
I've gotta turn you on

Autor(es): Steven Seibold