Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult

Upon My Arrival

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A place without designation, native soil without an abode,
Quethe with your silentness, live without a breath,
Rustle and fall silent with the wind
Upon my arrival.

Let the driblets of grief trickle - through my veins
Pulsating life, throbing death - steadily around us
Gigantic and trifling - upon my arrival.

Two kinds of equity.
The deathless intentions distant bourn.

When I arrive.

Grain crackles, like cinder in the flames,
And one-time it shall solidify under harvesting blades,
A bawl in solitude when I arrive.

Indulge the blades.
Withstand not the vice of Tulwod.
Augment your spirit when I arrive.
Recede not when I arrive.

Quethe with your silentness,
Upon my arrival night eternally reigns.

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