Utopian Society

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There once were two utopian societies
Pavonia, land of the peacocks
And Swaanendael, valley of the swans
Both have trade

There, behind every chair,
A negro slave
The blackest of the black!

A tired and white
Standing ready to attend to each guest
Such as the corrupt and exotic Governor
Lord Cornbury, whose custom it was
To take a daily stroll dressed
In silk gowns like a fashionable lady
In this he failed

Lord Cornbury did this, his friends said,
To demonstrate his resemblance
To his cousin, Queen Anne
His impetuosity, however,
Did not extend to marrying a manor milkmaid
"Chee!", he left

Square in shape
With a hip roof and a belfry in the center

Autor(es): Melora Creager

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