Two Ragged Soldiers

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They spoke transparent phrases to looking glass women
And they took the detours that scattered the way
They departed from summer like two ragged soldiers
Dragging their heels through their fantasies

There were meals in the missions for two frozen statues
And long draughty sermons devouring their knees
Sometimes passions in winter turn to cold soundless moments
That teared in the eyes of their fantasies

There were nights on park benches, stale bread for the pigeons
Good mornings to faces who just turned away
And on one road confusion, the other desire
So they took to the road of their fantasies

One would speak of a lake where he used to go swimming
The other had no memories left for his mind
With their arms round each other the two ragged soldiers
Laughed through a war that they couldn't see

Laughed for a world filled with fantasy

Autor(es): Scott Walker

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