Two Worlds

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We walk through forever, We die for the silence
To Armageddon we stand or we will fall

Misunderstanding the world that surrounds you is common in most souls I've seen
The lost culmination of where you've been searching
You might as well drown in the fear and the sadness and grief

We cling to the shadows, we fight another day
Through walls of air's manipulation
We spite or else we fade away

Constantly hiding in corners and shadows is never the way I have found
Misrepresenting yourself as a savior
You might as well die cause your soul is so far underground

So prey for deliverance, and crawl toward the guilt
Two steps away from heaven, two lines to hell we build

Wandering blindly like sheep and like lepers may be the way you're forced to live
Seeking the trust whist you're playing the victim
you might as well burn in the fires that you once helped build
some might just say it's a miscalculation
but how can we reap when the sewing is already filled

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