Lil' Boosie

U Ain't Bout What U Be Talkin Bout

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Verse#1: u aint bout dat murda murda shit u aint down to lose yo cool an go and hurt a bitch we got da hook up on den rentals now we murkin shit pen it up spend it up and let dat 30 spit bitch do u want yo fuckin family in black clothes da bitches in black dresses da niggaz in black bo's you aint kno im cut throat canival im a bottom boi suvivor sip syrip n smoke fire and im wilder dan a average thug im hard headed my mama told me dat and u gotta be real all diz drama showed me dat lose ya mind if u want to i got a click of real niggaz who gone stomp u and want u to be hollin bout dat iron day n we gon hit yo street tonight not da next day dat nigga dont worry bout dat dey gon get wat dey deserve off dat we gone cut down day whole curve off dat

Chrous:u aint bout wat u be talkin bout u aint ready 4 yo mama to be walkin out in fact at church wit all yo people cryin hollin bout y u had to take my son datz wat dem choppaz bout (2 times)

Verse #2 (webbie): You aint really bout dat shit u be talkin so stop all dat talkin u heard stop all dat talkin and walkin if u gone serve me den serve me and im lil trill entertainment so know 1 thang i aint worried cuz my family do damage business and handle this murda niggaz sweeter dan skittles so dey spittin in rittles and dat lil shit dat u spittin gon have u sleep in hospitals and if u beef wit my niggas look we gone really squad up from choppaz to a 6 bitch u cant avoid u rappin bout smokin dat killa dont even smoke killa even if u did i wouldn't even smoke wit ya you bitch you fraud fake you mothafuckin flu pussy all wet ya fuckin booty all loose you and den otha niggaz duck duck goose under da throw back jersey da best bullet proofgangsta shit jump off boy u kno you finna run out close yo fuckin mouth 4 i rip yo damn tounge out.

(Say Chorus 2 Times)

verse #3:uaintboutunderniggas house like a mouse and you light his ass up when he come out we get sick wit it you heard about lil trell guned down when he wuz 12 every since den it been hell webbie and dey dont live like we live dey dont deal like we deal like we deal dey aint real like we real look im form dat track like da bottom of dat ssb what eva you call it dat shit lives in me my niggas kill 4 free like lil trell on da love and my niggas aint my equal and dey hatin on diz lil thug a lot of niggaz scared of yall but not me diz 4 dem niggaz in da rap game who not me but cant stop me and my possie is full of thugz like head bussa baby junior and my nigga jug we dumpin slugz on da enemy i thought you wuz my closest friend but now you just a friend of me and diz fuckin penatentry make niggaz thank dey real and when dey get out dey got a nerve to pop a pill and lil kill they aint bout what dey be talkin bout

Autor(es): T. Hatch

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