The long voyage of evolution

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To resist to the terrenal life
shadows, lights or just inmensity
the sweet pleasure is confounded with the pain

The sick today with the yesterday are melted
it's mixed an faded, the confusion reigns
cold awakenings, no remembrance of the past

A new foundation of the mind
over the unexistence of the causes
see the long path, see the future go one's way

The pilgrim searchs his last 2 "new chance"
triumphing before the death
ever vanquished, never grateful by the new lives

Survive again to the temporal pain
mistaking over and over again
unacceptable, unadvisable, underserved

To grow...made old
to die

The evolution as the uncertain goal
the 3 principles will detain us
no direction, like a frail cloud on the wind

Creed with creed
hate branchs hate

To feel the pressure by ancestral command
and rooting grows, grows within
shows the new dress but the interior is the same

To excuse

Dispossessed of the remembrance
that mark the feeling of love/hate
there's no new face, there's no new name, just to be
the bad feelings without face appear
into the eternal and vital chain
hidden knowledge of the of the ancestors will destroy us

To grow...make old
to die