A Great Big Pile Of Leaves

Vampires In Love

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I'm in outerspace,
I'm in outerspace.
Haven't felt awake since the Hardware City days,
Why'd they have to close that place?

We could eat spaghetti together.

We could have a picnic,
Are you into sandwiches?
I'll be sure to bring a blanket,
It will be the coziest, it will.

I'm a zombie,
I'm a zombie.
Convinced I have been since the age of twenty,
I have no personality.

We could eat spaghetti together,
Doesn't it sound so lovely?
And play vampires until the sun comes up,
If you're comfortable being the dessert.

You can be mine, and I can be yours,
I can be your leftovers.

Autor(es): A Great Big Pile of Leaves

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