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They keep trying to burn us down
Take our ashes to the ground
Under sunrise
I know we've got a life ahead
Though the flames are burning red
We will survive

Believe me,
I know you hear me
I'm never ever gonna let you go
You see me
Oh so clearly
The two of us are strong enough to take control

When the sky caved in
Turned the world to dust
We were left standing, nothing big for us
And i guess that's why they call us unbreakable
(oh, oh)
When the waves crashed down
All dreams were crushed
A million other people looked up to us
Cause i guess they all just want what's unbreakable
(oh, oh)

Is just a game we have to play
And if you ever lose your way
I'll be your sunlight
Yeah i'll
I'll be your calm before the storm
Just promise you will keep me warm
And put up a fight

When the rest of the world is all falling down
And there's something always trying to shove us to the ground
Let it show
That we're still standing here

Ain't nothing come between us, yeah we'll shut it out
We can last through any obstacle without a doubt
Don't you know, that we'll be staying right here

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