Unclaimed Cadaver

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Body washed a shore cold clear stream
Pungent with musky odor of decay and rot
Spiritless carcass of a nomadic man
They assess what happened in the night
The head was beaten with straight claw hammer
Torso was mutilated with the sign of the pentagram
Stab wounds littered the ghastly remains
As rigor mortis set in………….they wept.

Now the fetid body is kept at the morgue
To test and examine this slain marred skin
Marks of the devil penetrate deep
As fear of a ritual slaughter becomes evident
We can release the corpse but who will come
Tampering with the dead is to much to bear
Another file is added to the Satanic Slayer
The casket lid closes for the last time

Unclaimed Cadaver
Unclaimed Cadaver
Who will want this mockery of a man?

Unclaimed Cadaver
Unclaimed Cadaver
A life was taken by the Devils hand

Unclaimed Cadaver
Unclaimed Cadaver
Fate was sealed with the slit of a knife

Unclaimed Cadaver
Unclaimed Cadaver
God may have his soul but Satan has his life

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