Under A Darkened Sun

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Under A Darkened Sun
you can't even imagine what i went through
all those years
i had to live with the curse of the god
destined to live with the pain of sin
like no one ever did before
my last sunrise in this world
made me what i am now
immortal in a deadly world

satan sleeps by my side the evil in my mind
devil's blood flows deep inside my veins

under the darkened sun...
my burning soul in your hands tonight
under the darkened sun...
raining blood is the last sign

the damned and the curse of the dead
decay by my side
desolation comes on like a storm
hold me to the end of time
and though sacrifice will be made
with you my mind is confused
i'm reborn only to be destroyed and
killed again

Autor(es): Roberto Dimitri Liapakis

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