Carolyn Arends

Under the Gaze

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Things we shout from mountain tops
Every secret, silent thought
Even when we think it's not
It's all within His hearing
Highs and lows and in-betweens
Watersheds and old routines
There's no hidden fear or dream
That He does not see clearly
Everything we do for love
All the times we lack thereof
Whether we rise above or fall…it's all

Under the knowing
Under the loving
All things are always
Under the gaze…Under the gaze of God

Sunday morning holiness
Weary weekday restlessness
Days we walk in righteousness
Days we try to fake it
He who made the earth and sky
Keeps it under watchful eye
Never once does He divide
Secular and sacred
Every atom bears His mark
Like every inch of who we are
And every beat of every heart remains in place

Under the knowing…

Every hair is measured
Every prayer is treasured

And though we try to hide from sight
All there is that isn't right
Still He calls us to the light
Shining all around us
And though we run time after time
And lose all hope and lose our minds
The moment we turn back we find
That He's already found us
'Cause never does He fall asleep
Never does He fail to keep
His arms around you and me and so we know…

We're under the knowing…

Autor(es): Carolyn Arends

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