Under The Oak

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Deep was my anguish and for these words
They froze my blood and chained my soul
The master has spoken, the truth, not any lies
The Devil gives and evil takes
The thing in life that man forsakes
A throne in hell, a price or a sacrifice?

Still the wind was blowing soft
And gentle here under the oak
Which gave me shelter and rest in for my trial
I'm not strong, weak is my mind
A new beginning, where to find?
I'm the last one on earth, please, forgive us our crime

Oh oh, ah ah
It was a time, when love was mine
Oh oh, ah ah
Now it's time to sacrifice

My heart bleeding for my race
The traces of mankind sweeped out
By the hands of our Lord
I cried for the ones I have lost
Midnight in paradise, grief
Away goes my hope
I cried for the ones I have lost!

Hear my prayers climbing on the clouds above
Silent cry reach the inner halls of truth
Give me a sign! A sign!

Oh oh, oh oh
A crimson sky, bless my eyes
Oh oh, oh oh
Up goes the sun, my time has come

Autor(es): Leif Edling

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