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They called my number.
I didn't feel like standing. I looked around and faked a half pleasant smile.
Is it fair to say I've lost myself or maybe just my mind because I've forgotten all the questions for the answers that I used to want to find. fell asleep hungry and woke up starving feeling old before my time--where has all the time gone?
and when will I get you back? and when I do will it only be to lose you again?
I wish I had something good to say.
I'm not like this all the time.
tomorrow is another day, for me another kind of smile.
at least I'm smiling, don't tear it off me because I might need it to fool someone.
I feel like I've got some kind of disease, maybe not but something is wrong with me, get me out of here, now. I guess I feel alright, I guess I feel OK.
Why have a relationship if we can relate?
It comes and goes and comes undone--show me the door, I'm out of here I feel old before my time