Unholy Scriptures

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Attack the mighty fist of God
Heavens ablaze in the ashen sky
Choking soot rains down on you
Prayers unanswered you are about to die

Unholy Scriptures
Fabled battle
Written in text
Ancient and torn
Unholy Scriptures
Struggle to rule
Time has come
You have warned

Unholy Scriptures
Unholy Scriptures

Armageddon is hear testing of medal
Veneration…now begins the war
Clash of prowess the foes fight on
Christ calls his army Satan calls his whores

Evil can not tempt or pervert
Perversion is not fundamentally wicked
Wickedness is capable of deceiving God
God can be tempted by all that is evil
Divinity is religious insolence
Insolence does supplant sanctification
Sanctity will not be reconciled by Satan
Satan is my master

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