All Hallow's Evil

Until It Goes Too Far

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For all that you suffer
There is not much to show
No one to blame but yourself
But that's not how it goes
Buy the illusion
'Cause it just isn't fair
That you should carry the cross
Although it is yours to bear

Tired and broken
You sift through the pain
Looking for someone to blame
Rather than carve
A lonely path
You just give yourself away

So helpless here I am
And from where I stand
I can see it all
But can only watch you fall
'Cause you take all I say
And just brush it away
I can make you hear
But what I'm missin'
Is a way to make you listen

Sometimes the light's too bright
And so you close your eyes
But just because it's dark
Doesn't' mean the sun has died
Adversity builds character
There's always a price to pay
That's why no one gave us wings
'Cause then we'd just fly away

Forgiveness is just fine
Until it goes too far
No one wants the heartache
But it makes us who we are

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