Until There's Another Sunrise

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Buried deep, buried deep inside
The hurting and the pain I've got to hide
It's cold and it's dark and it's raining outside
Never another sunset until there's another
Another sunrising up
Like a mountain from the sea
Against the pain
The walls I build, the bridges I burn
So I'll never get hurt again
It's cold and it's dark and I'm feeling numb
Never another sunrise until there's another
Another healing time come

Hiding away in my ivory tower, my fortress, my sanctuary
Until the healing comes, quiet and sure, like a mistress
visiting me
It's cold and it's lonely but there's a light shining in my
There's another sunset until there's another
Until there's another sunrise

Autor(es): Craig Adams / Mick Brown / Simon Hinkler / Wayne Hussey

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