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Na mo o mi to fo
Na mo o mi to fo

Besides mind revolution
Lies the spirit essential: still
Enlight! 8 nobles lives
Endless. Now will reunite

The architect:
The quintessence of time
Be ready! Stealth inside
You may not crawl for life
But you sure deserve it
You meant to cross the line
Unanimated hive
Your reign might be a rot state of mind
I've got to fool you, around you
Ugly sight in the rear view mirror

Would it lead you right by the surtax of illusions?
Arrested truth. Where I am

The architect:
Undertook from breathing like knife
Rasing cold, white, smite, tight, fright
Low steem is breaking in and it like to stay
Bribe time, bribe tao, bribe until is my whine
It's time to become me

Oh! Swim away and come right back to this shore
Upload crime against I

The architect:
Knock it off! I'm mental inside
Defend the atomic bomb, hands together, we pay
We're fed on global pain
We crawl, we fall, destroy it all
Cutting each others veins

Human kind obeys
The unconscious thirst of violence
You run against yourself! Raising cold

The architect:
Lies will save you
Life will break you
Uh! Numb
I'm now. Where to see, where to run now?

Besides mind revolution
Lies the spirit essential: still
Enlight! No more lies

So I came, I lived the way
That told us to stop complain
It's hard to pacify
Real life, it boils inside the brain
In other times you'd cry
Life is cruel, an excuse avoiding fight
Wash over your mind, and then upload
It's day, good night
Don't pretend you are looking for the real path of life
maybe this can be a time to rest
Proving on you hold control
Proving as, you were the slide to show
You run against it all
You run against yourself
You run against
You run against yourself

Autor(es): Danilo Herbert / Miguel Spada / Mindflow / Rafael Pensado / Ricardo Winandy / Rodrigo Hidalgo