Upon A Golden Horse

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First there was a fire that burned
After came the sea
Crawling through the rain and storm
For you, for me
Slowly walks the sacred fool
Countenance sublime
Shining in the light of love
Shining, shining

Oh, shine for me now
Oh, shine for me now

High upon a golden horse
Out upon the sea
Moves a man with simple words
Some for you now, some for me

Burn for me, burn for me ah
Oh, burn for me now
Oh, burn for me, burn for me ah
Oh oh hoh hoh hoh

Out there where the wild wind blows
Oh, where the soul is free
You will be my brightest star
Shining, shining

Oh! Shine for me now
Oh! Shine for me now, oh

Ooh burn for me burn for me
Yeah oh burn for me, burn for me
Oh ohhhh
Shine for me now
Oh oh oh ohh
Shine for me now
Hey hey hey

Autor(es): Charlie Jones / Jimmy Page / Michael Lee / Robert Plant

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