Rick Ross

Valley Of Death

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The meek shall inhieret the earth
thats what the bible says
i need it.

Walk like a giant
talk like a tyrant
faith of a mustard seed destined for a thriump
David or Galaith
hate me or admire
kush burns slow as i chase my desire
embrace my empire
batta boy eat fire
guns like choirs when they sing keep quite
will i get to heaven? turn a song 27
lord knows when i see this monkey im gon be the devil
be him cause im clever
beat him at whatever
you never was a G ni**a unit aint even togetha
new york's unified down south love dat
when we get to shine? muthafuckas where the love at?
real ni**as gettin money betta log on
think da games dead now? imagine when ya dogs gone [damn]
imagine when this song gone
when ya phone off theres only one to call on.