Vanished In The Dark

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Is this our road to keep moving on following your heart in the right direction?
Dreams and desires, where are they left
Dreams and desires, vanished in the dark
Vanished in the dark
Passions and wishes buried in empty fields
Passions and desires, you oppressed yourself
These are the chains we re force to wear
These are the chains we have to break
Chains we re forced to wear!
Chains we have to break!
Are you really free to decide what to do with your life?
Is there individuality?
Aren't we just born into a framed life, limited by values and rules?
Is there a way to get rid of this huge pressure on our back since we're born?
If we stop questioning ourselves we wont be able to have an impact on any outside influence
Everybody has certain patterns he is given by birth. Humanity needs to educate itself to get rid of this burden. The way to do this is hard, very challenging and
most fail but if we stop, we drown in chaos... we have to break our invisible chains.

Autor(es): Cataract