Fall of Empyrean

Veins Split Wide

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The days are slowly
Passing by
Each new day
Is the end of life
Growing sick of all the lies
I hate myself,
I just want to die

I feel so all alone
Locked inside my home
The visions that I see
Foretell my destiny

My veins split wide
I refuse to live
This worthless, useless life

The burning fire and desire
I once had, has faded away
All the passion
And the love
For my life is gone,
Destroying my faith


Why can't I care
About living life?
The pain of reality,
A loss of hope
The end is all I see

Pierce the blade
Into my wrist
Cutting open my vein,
I bleed out
The time to end this
Is now
Next gash goes into my neck
Second artery split
I feel weak
Collapsing down to my knees

Giving in to my death
Passing out in defeat
Everything turns black
The end is complete

Autor(es): Richard Medina

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