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What is the force
Pulling me like gravity?
Into your world
I'm swirling inescapably
Tangling my tongue
When I try to speak
Caught up in confusion
Leaving me so weak
The earth below drags me down
I'm grabbing on to air
When I go to reach out
I don't like these heights
But you don't ever let me down
Will you girl

I want you so, I'm falling, falling vertigo

Won't you come closer
I feel secure when you're near
Don't take me so high
I cannot breath in this atmosphere
Hold me tight
I'm in the iron group of fear
Stay at my side
The drop is so sheer
You move in light years
And I can barely crawl
What seems like forever
Is no real time at all
If I look down, I know, I know I'm gonna fall
All the way, girl

I need you so, I'm falling, falling vertigo, vertigo

Every night
I'm hounded by this one dream
You speak
But I never know what the words mean
Until it's too late
And I feel my foot slip
Eyes shut tight
I know I'm in the grip
Then my fingers
One by one
Loosen their hold
Become undone
It pulls so hard
I must succumb
You know what it is
Round I go, spinning and whirling
Round I go, vision is blurring
Round I go, falling, falling

Autor(es): Billy Rush

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