Vespa Crabro

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Large eusocial vespidae
Impressive due to size
Member of aculeata
Consume and paralize
Dismembering captured victims
Removing limbs and heads
With powerful mandibles
Its prey thets torn to shred

Majestic creature
Hunt without failure

Let us observe this common man
In his beloved shed
Yet free of all suffering
And his forthcoming death
Annihilate one of their sort
Fatal the consequence
Pheromone raises the alarm
Triggering the defense

Dispersing mayhem
Avenging winds
Venomous stings

Poisonous needles
Synchronic attacks
Frenetic hundreds
Raging insects

Little swellign burning wounds
Of acetylcholine
Feel the excruciating pain
His body in decline
Dying slow and miserable
The swarm now comes to erst
Eliminated danger
Return to their nest

Poisonous needles
Avenging winds
Deadly hundreds
Venomous stings