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Wander's Dream

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The show is over now, but the ass-holes still shout
I wanna go to back-stage, i don't wanna talk about
All the freaks, all the girls are knocking at the door
All the dope, all the teets, gimme all here on the floor

What do you wanna know? how old i am, how can you unlock?
What do you wanna first? my mouth or my beatifull cock?

Hey, big dog, that guy no, he's a fucking ass-hole
He makes me sick talking by guns n' roses
I'm an old fashioned rocker, tired of bad drinks
Listening the song of angels: ice rocks in a jack daniels's

But i don't wanna get drunk and loose this little girl
Show me the way to the truck, close the door and let me fuck

Wander's dream, wander's dream!

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