Victim of Fate

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Now the beast is awakening again
And they search the violence in me
War war war in his name
And you are the player in his fucking game
We will fight in the name of the cross
We will fight in the name of your gods
Ashes to ashes dust to dust
Is this the sign of win and lost?

We will fight and kill without sorrow
We are drowning in blood
We are proud and fight for the glory
We don't survive

Victim of fate
You are lost in a dream full of hate
Victim of fate
Now we trapped in demise of this world
Victim of fate
You are die in a dream full of lies
Victim of fate
You're the one who can win to survive

When the death comes over you
The killing machines bringing the truth
Hail hail they're screaming your name
And the beast of destruction is home again

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