Victims of the Holocaust

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Radiation take's control
Devastation in your mind
Implication can't be seen
Termination of all life
Polluted land of fire exists
Secreted remains no more birth
Resurrected cross impale the skin
Diluted waste air to breath
Repetition one by one
Domination see no light
Ionization grasp the brain
Toxication seize control
Desecration speak of hate
Suffocation breathe no breath
Resurrection raise the dead
Laceration to the throat
Evacuation doesn't leave
Destination must begin
Motivation to survive
Activation underground
Secluded force on the run
Pressurized feast blown away
Extended race nothing there
Pretend harm lies to rest
Speculation burned away
Indication see the past
Nucleation WW III
Revelation to the end