Victor Jara Of Chile

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Victor Jara of Chile
He lived like a shooting star
He fought for the people of Chile
With his songs and his guitar

And his hands were gentle,
His hands were strong
Victor Jara was a peasant
He worked from a few years old

He sat upon his father's plough
And watched the earth unfold
When the neighbours had a wedding
Or one of their children died

His mother sang all night for them
With Victor by her side
He grew to be a fighter
Against the people's wrongs

He listened to their grief and joys
And turned them into songs
He campaigned for Allende
Working night and day

He sang, "Take hold of your brother's hand
The future begins today"
The bloody generals seized Chile
They arrested Victor then

They caged him in a stadium
With five thousand frightened men
Victor stood in the stadium
His voice was brave and strong

He sang for his fellow prisoners
Until the guards cut short his song
They broke the bones in both his hands
They beat his lovely head

They tore him with electric shocks
After two long days of torture they shot him dead
Now the generals rule Chile
And the British have their thanks

For they rule with Hawker Hunters
And they rule with Chieftain tanks

Autor(es): Adrian Mitchell

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